Rawalpindi: Despite a record fall in prices of petroleum products by more than Rs. And Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar has demanded that the administration be truly mobilized to bring the fruits of this shortfall to the common man. According to the citizens, in the past when the increase in electricity and oil prices was announced, the burden was shifted to the consumers but now the benefit of relief in oil, electricity and gas bills is not being extended to the common man by the government. Despite the significant reduction in the prices of petroleum products, private taxi companies in the Twin Cities are also manipulating instead of reducing their fares when petrol was Rs 114 a liter. Going and making excuses like rush, pack factor and lack of vehicles. The citizens demanded that the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister should take notice of this and a report should be taken from the administration on a daily basis to convey the benefits of reduction in the prices of petroleum products to the people.