Young doctors say the number of ventilators provided for Corona patients is lower than government figures. Pakistan has one of the highest rates of health workers in the world.

During a press conference of young doctors in Karachi, Dr. Misbah Abdul Aziz said that violence and quarrels have increased in hospitals, doctors are more worried about violence, if doctors go on strike, patients will not get facilities.

He said there was a shortage of coronavirus patients, which has led to increased violence and quarrels in hospitals.

Dr. Misbah Abdul Aziz said that increase in facilities has been announced in Civil Hospital.

He said that the incidence of health workers in Pakistan is high all over the world, hospital management should increase security in isolation wards and hospitals and priority should be given to health workers engaged in medical treatment.

Dr. Misbah Abdul Aziz said that half of the population of this city does not consider corona a disease.

Dr. Leader Prof. Sohail Akhtar said that the government of Sindh and the federation are very angry, we had demanded the dashboard to issue a centralized number.

He said that the ambulance personnel should call this number and find out about the facilities of vents and beds.

Prof. Sohail Akhtar said that thousands of people are at risk of isolation at home, no one knows what is the condition of Gadap Hospital and 85% hospitals and medical units of the province are full. It is safe to say that 75% of ventilators are free.

Dr. Jalal Akbar said that the data obtained from February 26 showed that the children were less affected, but as time went on, the number of cases in children increased rapidly and the symptoms in children were different from those in adults. Is.

Balochistan, Korona patients banned from sharing personal information
Sharing of personal information of patients infected with Corona virus has been banned in Balochistan. Sharing of personal information of any man, woman, children or family infected with Corona virus will be prohibited across the province.

This was stated in a letter written by Parliamentary Secretary for Health Dr Rababa Baledi to the heads of all hospitals.
He said that people affected by the sharing of personal information are suffering from mental retardation and are facing discriminatory attitudes, while the rate of corona virus testing in hospitals is also declining after the incidents of sharing personal information. Is.

The parliamentary health secretary said there was a need for a change in social attitudes, adding that the corona virus was not an untouchable epidemic that patients should be looked down upon.

Dr. Rababa Baledi has directed that in view of the delicate nature of the situation, personal information of Corona virus victims should not be leaked in hospitals and testing laboratories.