Everyone knows that the kidneys work to cleanse our body of waste, but have you ever wondered what it is like to keep your kidneys clean? If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or arterial stenosis, you may also be at risk for kidney disease. That’s why kidney health needs to be taken care of. The health of the kidneys depends on the health of the whole life, so it is just as important to take care of it as it is to take care of your physical beauty. Here are some foods that will help protect your kidneys and your immune system.

Leafy vegetables
Our mothers cook green leafy vegetables for us with so much love and desire, but we frown, but don’t know how rich these green leafy vegetables are in vitamin C and K. These vitamins control our blood sugar, which lowers the pressure on the kidneys. Green leafy vegetables are widely available in the market. Try to cook leafy vegetables daily or eat them as a salad.

Cranberry or cranberry
Cranberry or cranberry juice can be beneficial in preventing urinary tract infections, as well as clearing the calcium oxalate that accumulates in the kidneys, which can lead to stones. However, for this you need to drink natural cranberry juice. This is not only beneficial but also delicious.

Inflammation and inflammation in the body causes many diseases, one of which is kidney disease. To keep the body free from inflammation and the kidneys clean, you need to include the right amount of turmeric in your diet. Turmeric contains curcumin, which has the ability to work against inflammation. Add turmeric to rice, curry, pulses, vegetables and even smoothies and relax your kidneys.

An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away but also keeps the kidneys free from harmful ingredients. The fiber in apples absorbs toxins, so the kidneys do not have to work very hard. In addition, apples reduce inflammation in the digestive tract.

The biggest enemies of your kidney health are toxins and inflammation, garlic helps to keep them both away. Garlic contains Allicin, which has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Both of these properties are very beneficial for the kidneys and blood pressure. That’s why prepare any food at home, add garlic in it.

Olive Oil
Olive oil also plays an important role in keeping your kidneys healthy along with your overall health. Olive oil lowers your cholesterol, relieves the pain caused by stones and reduces inflammation. Most importantly, olive oil is readily available. It is better if you use extra virgin oil (unrefined olive oil).