Compared to computers, people use laptops for convenience. On a laptop you can do your work wherever you want without any power supply. Because of this convenience, laptops are a bit more expensive than computers.

If you take care of these basics, your laptop can stay in good condition and perform well for a long time.

Laptops don’t always mean a laptop

Just because it’s a laptop, you can’t always carry it on your lap.

A clean and smooth surface is needed to keep the laptop. Aaron Schoffler, director of operations at Computer Repair Doctor, says the processor is the brain of the computer and needs to be kept cool for better functioning.

Most laptops have a laptop fan in the middle, so if there is a dusty or furry cloth underneath it, it will not only be a problem to keep the processor cool, but it can also get inside the laptop. Is.

Never turn off the laptop

It is considered easy to turn off the laptop, just lower the screen and turn off the laptop. When it is not. For better performance and longevity of the laptop, it is necessary to turn it off regularly by going to the option so that the files of the laptop system can perform its necessary repair work between shutting down and restarting.

If there is too much work on the laptop, make sure to turn off the laptop completely at least once a week.

Lack of stabilizer

Stabilizers can also be installed to protect against electric shock, but the easiest solution is to remove the plug from the socket.

Lifting with the help of laptop screen

Lifting the laptop from the top of the screen seems a bit easy, but it can loosen the screen of the laptop from its base. Therefore, it is better to hold the laptop screen in your arm instead of holding it by hanging it on its base. A little kindness on your laptop can increase its lifespan and performance.

Keep the laptop in the bag without support

If you carry a laptop in your bag, make sure to pack it in a special bag. Laptops can be protected from falling or slipping by hand.

Starting programs while booting the laptop

If the laptop window is slowing down, check the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl Shift Esc. The Task Manager will display a list of all the applications that start when the laptop is booted. This program can be disabled by right-clicking on a program that is not used daily.

By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.

Installing anti-virus

Everyone knows the importance of anti-virus for a computer, so it is not necessary to explain it. But despite its importance, the average user does not show much interest in installing and updating antivirus. The presence of a virus or malware can slow down a laptop’s performance or cause it to malfunction completely.

Many tabs open while working

With too many tabs open, the processor’s performance is affected, and eventually the laptop responds prematurely, affecting the overall performance of the laptop.

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