A further 1,581 cases of the corona virus have been reported in Saudi Arabia, while 17 patients have died due to the epidemic. In the last 24 hours, 1581 new corona patients have emerged from across the country, bringing the total number of corona patients in the kingdom to 81,766, according to the Saudi Ministry of Health. ۔  Another 17 patients died, bringing the total to 458. It was further informed that in the last 24 hours, 2460 patients recovered, bringing the total number to 57,013.  Today, the highest number of cases has been reported from the capital Riyadh with 483, while 251 new cases have been reported in Jeddah, 189 in Makkah, 124 in Dammam, 107 in Hofuf and 52 in Madinah. On the other hand, corona virus has claimed more than 362,000 lives worldwide, 4,800 people have died in India so far, the total number of deaths has exceeded that of China. In the last 24 hours, 1,300 more deaths were reported in the United States, and the number of patients in Brazil rose to more than 438,000. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the opening of the primary school on Monday. Parks and beaches are open in Dubai from today, and congregational prayers have been allowed in mosques in Bahrain since June 5. Schools closed again in South Korea Worldwide, more than 5.93 million people have been affected so far, while more than 2.595 million have recovered.