Eid is a festival that is full of joy and happiness at every moment, while the series of Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Fitr parties and other celebrations prolongs that happiness even more, but the year 2020 How did it start Could anyone have imagined that in just two and a half months, every happy occasion in the world would be locked up like this? However, in these circumstances, it is not possible to hold regular Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations, but by organizing an Eid-ul-Fitr celebration at home with your family (cousins, etc.), happiness can be shared. As in the shoot under consideration, the girls’ earrings have brightened up the sun, blossomed in the courtyard of the house and made the whole environment happy.
Just look at how beautiful a Julie Cassia black dress looks. Black star on a net shirt with Banarasi trousers, while the gold color on the bottom is wreaking havoc. Very eye-catching, so the third one has embellished the traditional Banarasi green bra with a fiery pink double layer sharara, the inner of which is Banarasi, while the upper is of organza and there is heavy work on the fence, sometimes even very beautiful. Have fallen Also, in contrast, the wide work lace around the blue dupatta looks good.
In the second style too, all three have done a very beautiful dressing. One is wearing a purple double layer front open shirt with wide pajamas, the inner is purple, while the upper is metallic. The other is wearing a palepum tunic with a light green garland, while the off-white color Dardupatta in contrast with Tutisari’s fiery pink color is causing outrage. Similarly, in another stylish look, one has a slightly shorter shirt with black trousers, which is a combination of a work coat in yellow, the other’s black sari is no less beautiful and the third one is pink. What to say about the clothes.