Preacher After two and a half months in prison, it suddenly dawned on me today that I had not yet given thanks for Code 19. Before I say anything else, it should be clear that the name of this disease in the elite is Code 19 while in the public it is Corona, so the easiest way to get into the genes from Dhoti is to learn to say Code 19. It is another matter that if you change the name of the virus and keep it alive, it will spread the disease and will not spread. The idea has just come to my mind that this rejected virus is masculine. If there was a female virus, wives would have had to protect their husbands from it themselves without any vaccine. I need to thank Code 19 because it has significantly reduced my monthly expenses, I don’t have to go anywhere, so I am saving on petrol, shopping malls are closed (were) so unnecessary shopping. Has also been rescued from, otherwise it often happened that they would go out of the house to get a bar of soap and buy an automatic irons and return and many times they would just go out to patrol the peas and even if they wanted to, they would bring three packs of peas tied. I know that the heart is captivating and happy (I don’t know what it means, I have put it like this, I have heard from the teachers that it makes writing difficult). Unnecessary hugs have also been lost due to this disease, otherwise everyone would have tried to jump in the first meeting and you would not have had a way to escape. They used to swing in their arms. One or two gentlemen would go two steps further and try to kiss him regularly, but obviously Fadwa never allowed them to succeed. One of them is currently an official of the Kabaddi Association and the other is the secretary of the men’s beauty pageant in California. A kind code 19 has also done that it has saved our lives from unnecessary and additional diseases, the number of patients with other diseases in the hospital has decreased, even such friends no longer seem to complain of the disease who used to be in the hospital at every meeting. They used to tell the story of the last night as they used to tell the story of the first night of marriage. Now even an asthma patient swells his chest and says that I am perfectly fit, of course run in the Olympics!

Dr. Atai Alzaman is our long-time benefactor, foreign qualified, you have an online medical degree from a university in North Korea, there is a Mashaallah running clinic in Bhondpura where God’s people treat only for heart pain Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me. The doctor says that this corona virus is nothing but an illusion, people are dying not from the virus but from the fear of it, they come to the clinic every day a couple of patients who complain of cough with fever, Dr. He gives them medicine prepared by his pharmacy. Your pharmacy is located right next to the clinic where you can enter only by taking off your shoes and clothes according to the international norms, so the doctor would often go there wearing nappies. They work with their computer to make medicines by coating herbs in the mortar. Dr. Atai Alzaman says that thankfully two out of three patients recover from his medicine. “What happens to the third patient?” I asked. “He dies of fear!” The doctor replied with satisfaction.

The mention of Dr. Sahib came in the middle of this, although today my intention was only to thank Code 19. But strangely enough, I am unable to lose more of the benefits of this disease. Malik Hippocrates, a philosophical friend of ours who runs a stationery store in Bikramundi and owns a YouTube channel, is often gracious and fills the hem of his hat with pearls with his noble thoughts. Your thesis is that this epidemic has connected us to old traditions, families have come closer and the value of money has suddenly diminished. I have no choice but to agree with Malik Sahib. The rupee has really depreciated, the dollar has appreciated. Human relationships have been identified, people no longer go to the funerals of relatives who died in Corona. In the race for development we didn’t have time to give to our children, now we sit with children all day and use mobile phones. In the same way, planes, factories and running cars had sunk the fleet of air, so I think we should pledge that as soon as Corona is over, we will never sit in an airplane, we will travel on horses and mules. Before this epidemic, everyone was in a vicious cycle of self-aggrandizement and all human beings were in a strange world of narcissism. The funeral of humanity had just taken place. In such a situation, Corona has come and given us a break. Human corpses are rising. Corona has given us the opportunity to think and understand in life, we should take advantage of this opportunity and always eat herds made from pure and desi ghee. If the Corona virus had not spread in the world, man would never have known how capitalism is sucking its blood. Now that Corona has taught us all these lessons, we should be thankful for this innocent and tiny mouth virus. And those who have lost their lives to this disease should be satisfied with being called martyrs!